Terug naar hoofdpagina Biografie
"Now (at sixty) I should finally 'burn my ships' and try to realize the 'totally foolish' last work I want to perform (if I have still some years to live): prepare the cosmo-bio-anthropology and make the ideal of self governing socialism a real alternative. This is the answer I give at present to the anxieties of my adolescence (all of which I still consider as completely valid questions) In my end is my beginning. The decision I come to is ambiguous: is the withdrawal from past activities only the expression of old age, or is it really the 'going back home' that I hope it will be? I cannot know. Even less can I know if this biography, this unskillful novel composed by a non novelist about his past is correct or incorrect. Is this attempt to make the other feel the rhythm of an individual life successfull or not? I shall never know. At the present moment I could not even describe the method (if any) used by the two collaborators to construct it. Yet now it exists (a lie, a truth or both). I know what I intended it to be: one long drawn out story to express for once, to those willing to listen, not a partial facet but the whole dynamics of this long process, during which one person tries to see -and show others- the universe we share, this 'living crystal'."

Ingrid Van Dooren en Leo Apostel The Philosophy of Leo Apostel: A life history Communication and Cognition, 1989